NKHTGT is established in 1996 as the Dutch Championship for Historic Touring Cars and GT’s. Nowadays it has evolved in an international series, catering for touring cars and GT’s built between 1947 and 1965. All competing cars are prepared according to FIA Appendix K. As a result all cars look period correct, making for an attractive spectacle. There is no tyre choise, only Dunlop Racing L or M section tires are allowed in any conditions. This means grip is at a premium, particularly in wet conditions, so old fashioned sideways motoring in the corners is guaranteed. With 40 regular competitors and any number of guest drivers, we very often have full grids.

NKHTGT is very popular with spectators because of the variety of competing cars, ranging from the huge Corvette Grand Sport to tiny Mini Coopers. In between you’ll see iconic sportscars like Lotus, Porsche, MG, Shelby, Austin Healey, Marcos, Morgan and Jaguar. On the saloon front there are loads of Ford Mustangs and Falcons, a Lotus Cortina and a couple of Mini’s.

NKHTGT allows historic racing on almost any budget, with very affordable entry fees compared to other international series: the package deal for the complete 2020 season is only € 3.150 for six events on six different circuits. Single entries are only € 795 per event. Membership of NKHTGT is mandatory, but very affordable at € 40 per year.

De nieuwe kalender voor het NKHTGT is klaar en brengt ons in 2020 naar Hockenheim, het vernieuwde Formule 1 circuit Zandvoort, Spa-Francorchamps, Zolder, Assen en Le Mans. In elk evenement hebben we natuurlijk een kwalificatie en meestal twee races, alleen op Spa-Francorchamps rijden we een 61 minuten race. Net als vorig jaar kost de package deal voor het hele seizoen € 3.150 en incidentele deelname kost € 795 per evenement. Hieronder vind je de kalender en alle informatie over de inschrijving en het NKHTGT. In 2020 wordt het NKHTGT genereus gesponsord door Nolte Küchen (hoofdsponsor) en Gamma (evenementsponsor Gamma Racing Day).


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