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Do you own a FIA appendix K pre-’66 GTS or touring car on Dunlop Racings and do you want to race in the most beautiful series on the continent? Then read on, or if you are in a hurry, register here: NKHTGT 2021 entry form.

The 2021 package deal for the entire NKHTGT season costs € 3,250 and single entries are € 795 per event. These very competitive prices are partly made possible thanks to a generous contribution of our main sponsor Nolte Küchen.

Please note: a maximum of 45 package deals will be sold. Due to the maximum number of 32 NKHTGT participants in the Zandvoort event on June 4th  and 5th, only the first 32 package / sponsor deals entrants registrants have a guaranteed starting place at that event. Of course we will do all that we can to accommodate everyone who wants to participate.

Unfortunately it is not inconceivable that events will be cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. If that is the case, the paid registration fee will be refunded. See below for more information

NKHTGT 2021 calendar

NKHTGT 2021 powered by Nolte Küchen
date circuit qualifying race 1 race 2 max # NKHTGT competitors max. noise level
16/17/18 April Hockenheim
4/5 June Zandvoort 30 minutes 61 minutes 61 minutes 32 89 dBA
25/26 June Spa-Francorchamps 30 minutes 61 minutes n/a 45 tba
16/17/18 July Zolder 25 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 47 tba
6/7/8 August TT-Circuit Assen 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 47 tba
3/4 September Barcelona 30 minutes 50 minutes 30 minutes tba tba
8/9/10 October Dijon-Prenois 20 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 47 tba

Calendar is still subject to approval by the KNAF.

Package deal 2021

The 2021 package deal for participation in all NKHTGT races costs € 3,250. The entry fee of the package deal includes the NKHTGT membership fee 2021 for one driver. A contribution of € 40 is payable for a second driver. A package or sponsor deal entry for the NKHTGT 2021 is personal and non-transferable.

If you want to receive a business invoice for your package deal registration, you can opt for the NKHTGT sponsor deal at € 4,250 (0% VAT). With this deal you register for the NKHTGT 2021 and as a valuable bonus you also support the NKHTGT! The sponsor deal gives the right to mention the company name on our website and in as much additional publicity as possible. Of course other forms of sponsorship are possible and are more than welcome! If you want to discuss the possibilities, please contact Bert Mets (

A maximum of 45 package deals will be sold. As mentioned, due to the maximum number of 32 NKHTGT participants in the Zandvoort event on June 4th  and 5th , only the first 32 package / sponsor deals entrants are offered a guaranteed grid slot at that event. If you do purchase a package deal, but are late with your entry and payment, and not among the first 32 entrants, you will receive a refund of € 540 if there is no grid slot available for you during the Zandvoort event.

In the unfortunate event that an event is cancelled due to Covid-19 measures, or for any other reason, each package / sponsor deal entrant will receive a refund of € 540 per cancelled event. Single entry participants will receive their full entry fee back in case of cancellation of an event.

You can register by completing and signing the registration form. The registration form can be sent digitally (in PDF format) to or by mail to the NKHTGT office. Please don’t forget to include a copy of the first page of the HTP of the car (s) you will be racing with!

The registration for the package deal closes on March 1st, 2021 at 00:00, after which no more package deal registrations will be accepted. Acceptance of registrations for the package deal is in order of receipt of payment and will be discontinued on the closing date.

If the number of paid registrations exceeds the maximum of 45 on the closing date, the board will determine the order of acceptance of the registrations based on the number of registrants’ entries in the period 2016-2020. A registrant who is not eligible for a package / sponsor deal in the case the maximum number of registrations is exceeded, will be placed on the waiting list with priority for single entries in the events in which they wish to participate. If an already paid entry cannot be accepted by NKHTGT for whatever reason, the paid entry fee will be fully refunded.

The registration fee must be paid in full before the closing of the registration on March 1, 2021 on the NKHTGT  bank account:

IBAN: NL17 RABO 0105 280348

name: NK-HTGT

town: Amsterdam


The full NKHTGT office address is Sloterkade 90-1, 1058 HK AMSTERDAM, Netherlands.

Please state the name of the participant (s) for whom the payment is intended clearly when making the payment.


Single entries

The entry fee for single entries is € 795 per event. If you are not a member of the NKHTGT club, you will pay a one-off membership fee of € 40 per driver for the 2021 season. This membership ends automatically at the end of the year.

The pre-registration for single entries starts immediately, confirmation of single entries follows after the closing date of the registration for the package deal. Single entries will be accepted based on availability of grid slots.

What is the NKHTGT race series?

NKHTGT is an international race series for touring cars and GTs dating from the period 1947 to 1965. NKHTGT was founded in 1996 and has been organized by the NKHTGT club since 2005. Contrary to previous years, the races in 2021 do not count for any championship due to the uncertainty that the Covid-19 situation will also entail in 2021.

Authorized cars and mandatory tires

All cars in the NKHTGT must meet the requirements of FIA Appendix K and will have to come with a valid FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP). Cars without a valid HTP may be accepted in an invitation class, at the discretion of the board, on the condition that the car meets all applicable safety requirements, dates from the period 1947 to 1965 and, in the opinion of the board, fits the atmosphere of the NKHTGT.

Dunlop Racing L or M section tires, compound 204, are mandatory for all competing cars, other tires are not allowed. M-section tires are only allowed on period F cars.

Authorized competitors
The minimum license requirement in 2021 is KNAF national / EU or an equivalent from a foreign ASN. 


The 2021 regulations are work in progress. As soon as these have been approved by the KNAF, the regulations will be published on The regulations will be almost identical to the 2020 regulations, which will be available on our website until the approval of the new regulations.

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More information and contact

For more information you can contact the NKHTGT office via or by phone: Egbert Kolvoort +31 6 2621 6464. You can also check and our Facebook page.

Please note: all information is expressly subject to inaccuracies and changes!

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