Championship standings

For the first time in two years we are keeping track of the championship standings. They are of little importance,  apart from the fact that the winner receives a big trophy that he (or she) has to hand in after a year, but they are fun! After 2 races first place in the standings is […]

Hockenheim Race Report

No less than 36 cars went out in qualifying on the brilliant Hockenheim track. We were extremely happy to welcome a large number of NKHTGT newcomers from all over Europe: Marc Morawietz and Ralf Wagner from Germany, Bengt-Åke Bengtsson from Sweden, Antoine Darley and Basile Gronfier from France, Christophe Germain from Switzerland and Steven Tonneman […]

NKHTGT Magazine 2022 #1 – Hockenheim

The first issue of the NKHTGT Magazine 2022 can be downloaded HERE. In the next few days we will update the website with full results, info on forthcoming races and the 2022 points standings.

Four weeks to go….

NKHTGT, the Dutch historic racing series for touring cars and GTs built between 1947 and 1965, will kick off in four weeks at Hockenheim. Over 40 drivers have already registered for the 2022 season. Among them are more than 30 package deal drivers who will compete the full season. We are particularly pleased to welcome […]

Ready to go!

The 2022 NKHTGT regulations have been approved by the Dutch motor sport authority KNAF. There are no surprises, they are very similar to those of previous years. But it can never hurt to read them of course! You can find them on the competitors information page.