NKHTGT Magazine – the Barcelona edition

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NKHTGT celebrates in Spain

The NK HTGT powered by Nolte Küchen celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For our loyal drivers there was a gift: a free race. There was a catch however: to receive it, they had to travel to the Circuito de Catalunya, the Formula 1 circuit near Barcelona in Spain. Many did so and it made […]

New: NK HTGT Magazine

You can read the first issue here: NKHTGT magazine Assen

Campagne scores twice at Assen

Belgian Lotus driver Luc de Cock bagged pole in Friday’s qualifying session at Jack’s Racing Day. An il trial followed by heavy rain meant that qualifying only lasted three minutes. Those who were up to speed immediately were lucky, the rest could forget about setting a meaningful time. Michiel Campagne had to start in sixteenth […]

Motor racing is dangerous

Roland Zoomers is recovering well from his mishap at Zolder. He sent us a personal letter, which we reproduce here. It is in Dutch of course.