Champions honoured!

During a well-attended and very enjoyable evening at the Healey Museum in Vreeland, the 2022 NKHTGT champions were handed the spoils. Kennet Persson came all the way from Sweden to receive the GTP>2500 cup while Barbara and Brian Lambert, the champions in GTS11, had come over from the UK. A large contingent of German participants had also come to Vreeland. The CT07 trophy was awarded to Bert Mets, in CT08 the champion is Magnus Lillerskog from Sweden, CT10 was won by Bart-Jan Deenik, Mark Dols got to take home the GTP<2500 trophy, Jos Stevens is the winner in GTS10 and Roelant de Waard in GTS12. The GTS04 trophy will have to be sent to Australia, as it was won by Robert Ingram. Then there is the Michel Oprey Trophee, a very special prize awarded to the most consistent driver over the entire season. This year’s winner is Hemmo Vriend. Next it was time to honor the top three in the overall standings. In third place were Barbara and Brian Lambert, second was Jos Stevens, but there can only be one champion. The 2022 NKHTGT champion is Roelant de Waard. Besides a big trophy, he gets to look after the huge challenge cup for a year, a job he immediately outsourced to the man who prepares his Shelby Mustang, Joeri Monné. Our former chairmen Frans van Maarschalkerwaart and Frits Campagne were named honorary members, while outgoing board members Bert Mets and René de Vries were also put in the limelight. The 2022 season was discussed and looked back on (keep an eye on this page, you will find the long video here soon). And of course there were already longing looks ahead to 2023, thanks in part to the unique ambiance of the museum, where the spirit of Donald Healey can be felt. We thank our host, former NKHTGT driver Hans van de Kerkhof and his team for their hospitality!

NKHTGT announces 2023 calendar

Race report from France

Five way battle

To decide the 2022 championship, NKHTGT travelled to Dijon-Prenois for HVM Racing’s Motors Cup. We enjoyed a weekend of glorious weather and, for the first time in NKHTGT history, we had a 2 hour race. Going into the weekend there were still five contenders for the title. One had quite a big lead, but with over 40 points on offer, there were still plenty of possibilities. In fifth but within striking distance were Brian and Barbara Lambert in their MGB. Fourth was Bob Stevens in his Lotus Elan. In third was Bart-Jan Deenik in one of the mighty Ford Falcon Sprints. Second in the table was Jos Stevens in his orange Lotus Elan. Leading the championship going into the final two races at Dijon-Prenois is Roelant de Waard with his Shelby Mustang GT350. On this power circuit it was no surprise to find the two GTP cars on the first row, with a Daytona Cobra in third. The fastest Lotus Elans were close behind though, in fifth and sixth. We lost a couple of V8 touring cars in practice: the Falcon of father and son Björn and Henk Hees was towed into the paddock with a banana shaped propshaft, while Henk van Gammeren’s similar car broke its gearbox.

Persson wins, De Waard secures the title

After a chaotic start it was Kennet Persson who took the lead of the Dijon 300 km in his Ford GT40, while polesitter Michiel Campagne dropped to 7th. Luckily that is not so important in a 2 hour race and the Corvette GS duly moved back up the order into second. The GT40 proved uncatchable though, only briefly losing the lead during two of the three compulsory pitstops. When the Corvette dropped out after 41 laps, Bob Stevens popped up in second, his Lotus Elan running like clockwork despite a clutch problem. Third overall went to Roelant de Waard (Shelby Mustang GT350), after a race long battle with Oliver Douglas in his Shelby Daytona Cobra. In fifth was Frans van Maarschalkerwaart partnered by Björn Hees (Shelby Mustang GT350).
Martin Bijleveld was the runaway leader in the touring cars, until the team had to retire the Falcon with low oil pressure. That gave the touring car win to Bart-Jan Deenik and Jaap Sinke, ahead of Hemmo Vriend, all Ford Falcon mounted. René de Vries and Phil Anning led CT07 for 61 laps. They unfortunately dropped out on the final lap, which gifted the class win to Alexander Schlüchter. CT08 was won by Gerrit Jan van Leenen and Bert Du Toy van Hees, after a great battle with Magnus Lillerskog. The Swedish Lotus Cortina driver had to retire the car when the brakes went. In GTS11 there was heartbreak for the Van Gammeren family when the ignition on their Porsche 911 failed after just 3 laps. Erwin van Lieshout managed to stay ahead of the MGB’s to win the class in his Porsche. Barbara and Brian Lambert were second, Egbert Kolvoort third. The little Elite of Ingram and Rowley was the sole starter and finisher in GTS08.

Persson does it again

The final NKHTGT race of the 2022 season had a couple of surprises in store. Not where the winner was concerned, Kennet Persson took the spoils for the second time this weekend in his Ford GT40. Bob Stevens quickly passed Roelant de Waard for second, seemingly on course for a jump to third in the championship. Bart-Jan Deenik dropped out of the equation when his Ford Falcon coasted to a halt after a couple of loud bangs. Meanwhile Brian Lambert did everything he could to reel in Erwin van Lieshout, but the Porsche 911 just had the edge over the MGB. Oliver Douglas passed De Waard for third, Shelby Daytona versus Shelby Mustang. Jos Stevens was also on the move and passed the blue GT350 a couple of laps later. On the 16th lap, with just 5 minutes to go, Bob Stevens’ Lotus Elan came to a halt, its battery dead. Thus Persson, Douglas and Jos Stevens were the guys on the podium. Frans van Maarschalkerwaart (Shelby Mustang) was within striking distance of De Waard but not quite close enough. Ed van Dijk finished 6th in his Jaguar E-type. Mats Ek had a great scrap with Niek van Gils, who had swapped his MG for a Lotus Elan. They switched positions several times, but in the end it was Ek who took second in GTS10. First touring car home was Hemmo Vriend in the Ford Falcon, from Alexander Schlüchter and Bert Mets in their Cooper S ‘s. And then there was GTS11. Van Lieshout finished 7 seconds ahead of Brian Lambert in the first of the MGB’s. With Deenik and Bob Stevens out, that was enough for the Lambert family to jump from 5th to 3rd in the championship table!


Championship standings (to be confirmed):

You can read all the paddock gossip in our online magazine:

Race report from Anderstorp, Sweden

Learning the track
NKHTGT endeavours to visit a new track every year, and for 2022 we chose Anderstorp, the former Grand Prix circuit in Sweden. We were made very welcome by the local club and officials and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Having been treated to a pair of dry practice sessions, it was all change in qualifying as a wet track greeted the NKHTGT competitors. Everybody was well behaved so there were no interruptions, although a certain orange V8 did end up in the gravel trap. Late entry Hans Beckert was at the top of the timing screen in his Mini Cooper, until Kennet Persson just managed to pip his time with some amazing car control in the GT40. Dante Rappange took 3rd in another Mini. Bas Jansen was 4th and fastest of the V8 touring cars in his Mustang. Mark Dols qualified his Marcos 5th just ahead of Jan Magnussen in a Turner-Ford. René de Vries (Cooper S), Martin Bijleveld (Ford Falcon), Roelant de Waard (Shelby GT350) and Otto Rheedz-Thott (Ford GT40) rounded out the top-10 of the 33 car field. Unluckiest man of the weekend was Marcel van Laarhoven, who suffered a terminal engine problem in his Shelby Mustang GT350 and had to sit out the rest of the weekend.

Race 1: Max Campagne
Michiel Campagne was the winner of the first ever NKHTGT race at Anderstorp. He made a Max-like start from 16th to power his Corvette Grand Sport into the top-6 within a lap. Meanwhile Kennet Persson took the lead in his GT40 from Hans Beckert in the Mini, with Martin Bijleveld (Ford Falcon) and Dante Rappange (Mini Cooper) in close contention. The track was very slippery but dry enough for the big V8’s to pull away a little bit. Campagne had just managed to pass Persson for the lead when the race was neutralized to remove Bert Mets’ Mini and Lars Bondesson’s Elan from dangerous positions. With the field bunched up behind the safety car there was time for a one lap sprint to the flag. Bijleveld managed to outbrake Persson at the end of the long straight and as they entered the next corner side by side the GT40 lost traction and swerved onto the grass. Michiel Campagne pulled ahead and won the race with Bijleveld just 0.9 of a second behind. Hans Beckert on his Mini performed a great overtake on Bas Jansen (Ford Mustang) to take the last podium place. Roelant de Waard drove a very fast last lap to take fifth overall and first in GTS12 to preserve his championship lead. Dante Rappange came home sixth while Persson salvaged 7th. Bob Stevens was first home in GTS10 in his Lotus Elan while Erwin van Lieshout won GTS11 in the Porsche 911. Magnus Lillerskog was the CT08 winner in his Lotus Cortina.

Race 2: Uncatchable de Waard
Roelant de Waard drove his Shelby Mustang to a dominant win in Sunday’s NKHTGT race at Anderstorp. Taking the lead from the start, he set a blistering pace and pulled away while his pursuers were fighting among themselves. Martin Bijleveld outgunned the GTP’s with a cheeky start in his Ford Falcon, then overdid it on the exit of Mattssons and skidded on the grass. Michiel Campagne in the Corvette GS and Kennet Persson in the GT40 rocketed down the straights, but were being harassed in the twisty sections by Hans Beckert and Dante Rappange in their nimble Mini’s. Bas Jansen joined in the fun, displaying some great car control in his Ford Mustang. Next it was Kaj Dahlbacka in the white Corvette Grand Sport who moved up to third, with Bijleveld also moving back in contention, so there were 7 drivers all battling for the podium! As the track dried, the powerful GTP’s were able to stretch their legs and move clear of the touring cars. De Waard was uncatchable though, so Persson finished second, Campagne was classified third and Dahlbacka fourth. Jansen was the first touring car driver home in fifth, ahead of Beckert. Meanwhile Dante Rappange had found a brilliant way of keeping Bijleveld at bay, getting beside the big Falcon on the inside of the Karrusellen, then staying put on the outside line through Depåkurven, so Martin could not put his foot down. Great stuff! Bob Stevens won GTS10 in his Lotus Elan, while Brian Lambert was the winner in GTS11 in his MGB, after Erwin van Lieshout had trouble getting his Porsche 911 started on the pre-grid. Magnus Lillerskog stalled his Lotus Cortina on the actual startgrid, but still managed to reel in Gerrit Jan van Leenen’s similar car to win the CT08 class.

Full results can be found here:

The official NKHTGT photographer at Anderstorp was Bengt-Åce Gustavsson. If you are looking for hi-res pictures of your favourite car/driver, contact Bengt-Åce directly:

Championship standings are here:

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On the way to Anderstorp

Shortly we will be experiencing the Swedish way of life (and racing…). To start with: there has been an unfortunate misunderstanding about a third race on Sunday afternoon and you’ll already guess: there is no third race. So we have two 20 minute test sessions on Friday, a 20 minute qualifying session on Saturday, a race on Saturday afternoon and a race on Sunday morning, both 27 minutes + 1 lap.

The Swedish way of racing extends to the timetable.  The times for Friday are indicative and no times are indicated for Saturday and Sunday. The program starts at 9:00 AM and continues after lunch at 1:15 PM (Saturday) and 1:35 PM (Sunday). After each heat, the next heat is started as soon as possible. The time schedule and provisional entry list can be found on the drivers info page:

For all participants in the different classes, see

See you in Anderstorp!

Race report Jack’s Racing Day Assen

With no GTP’s on the entry list, Assen provided a level playing field for the NKHTGT racers. In a busy qualifying session, that was interrupted by a long red flag period, it was Lotus Elans to the fore. Luc de Cock was just 0,1 of a second quicker than Jos Stevens. Roelant de Waard was not far behind in his GTS12 Shelby Mustang. Bob Stevens could not match these laptimes due to coolant leaking on to his rear tires. Multiple Assen winner Andy Newall could not make it to Assen this weekend, which meant Rhea Sautter was driving both races. She qualified fastest of the E-types and second in GTS12. In the touring cars Bart-Jan Deenik was fastest of the Falcons by a second, from Cees Lubbers, Jaap van der Ende and Henk van Gammeren who were all within 1/10th.


Race 1: First corner drama

Many races are won or lost in the first corner, and that is what happened in Sauturday’s NKHTGT race at Assen. Roelant de Waard made a demon start from the second row to take the lead in the first corner. Jos Stevens’ Lotus Elan was short on grip. He tried to hang on but eventually the car swapped ends and he had to let the whole field pass before he could rejoin. Luc de Cock thus found himself in second, but had to contend with a battling group of MG/Triumphs that he wisely offered some space. De Waard duly led from start to finish in his Shelby GT350, with De Cock in his Lotus Elan in second but unable to strike. Rhea Sautter took a well deserved third place overall in her Jaguar E-type. Jos Stevens sliced through the field and recovered to fourth. Bart-Jan Deenik was unbeatable in CT10, his Ford Falcon even surviving a short flight when he had to avoid an errant TVR in the GT chicane. The battle for second TC was intense, with Henk van Gammeren being chased by Cees Lubbers and Jaap van der Ende, all in Falcons. Van Gammeren got away as Lubbers succesfully fought of Van der Ende, although the pair of them was nearly passed by Roel Korsten in his Mustang. In GTS11, there was heartbreak for championship leader Theo van Gammeren as his Porsche 911’s ignition broke, which gave the win to Brian Lambert in the MGB.

Race 2: Shelby beats Elans

On Sunday Roelant de Waard scored win no. 2 in his Shelby Mustang GT350. He took the lead at the start, with a determined Luc de Cock in his Lotus Elan in pursuit. Bart-Jan Deenik made a good start and immediately had a healthy lead over the other touring cars, until a halfshaft broke, leaving the car stranded in the complex after the first corner. The safety car was deployed while the stricken Falcon was towed away. With the green flags waved, De Cock again found himself in the middle of the fastest of the MG/Triumph guest drivers on their stickier tires. They kept De Waard on his toes as well, being able to brake later and turn in sharper. Meanwhile Jos Stevens (Lotus Elan) had managed to pass Rhea Sautter (Jaguar E-type) and was closing on De Cock. The experienced Belgian driver decided to speed up and try and get some MG’s between him and the orange Lotus. The plan did not quite work out, when he tried a different line he ran wide at the very fast Ramshoek corner. This handed second place to Stevens. De Cock finished third and Sautter fourth. The demise of Deenik made for a great scrap in CT10. Initially Cees Lubbers had been ahead of Martin Bijleveld and Henk van Gammeren, all in Ford Falcons. After a couple of laps Bijleveld managed to pass Lubbers, but it was Roel Korsten who was truly on the move. Having started on the back row he passed all and sundry and finally finished 5th overall and a resounding first in CT10 in his Ford Mustang. Bert Mets drove impressively in his Cooper S, managing to stay ahead of Lars Bondesson (Lotus Elan) and Brian Lambert. Mets (CT08) and Lambert (GTS11) both took their second class win of the weekend. The same went for Magnus Lillerskog in his CT08 Lotus Cortina, who could be seen chasing Jeroen Hoep (E-type) and Mark Schmidt (Healey 3000).

Championship positions: all change

It is all change in the rankings, as Theo and Thijs van Gammeren scored zero points when they had to retire their trusty Porsche 911. Bob Stevens also remained pointless, his not-so-trusty Lotus Elan letting him down…again. Bart-Jan Deenik scored one class win, always good for a nice points haul in the busy CT10 class, but then recorded a non-finish on Sunday. And so it is Roelant de Waard whose two resounding wins have propelled him to the top of the table with a healthy 137 points. Jos Stevens has moved up to second, Deenik is in third and the Van Gammeren family occupies the next two places in the top-5. Mind you, with five races to go (yes, 3 at Anderstorp!) there are still over a 100 points on offer, so nothing is settled.

Full results can be found here:

Championship standings:

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Assen here we come!

Yes it is that time of the year again: summer holidays means Jack’s Racing Day! We are off to Drente at the end of the week for our yearly dose of thrills at the Cathedral of Speed, the famous Assen TT circuit. Once again we share the track with our great friends from Germany, Triumph Competition & British HTGT. It’s going to be a fun weekend with some serious track action, from motorcycles to Superkarts to fairly recent F1 cars. You can visit this event for free, simply download your ticket from the Jack s Racing Day website. Our quali is at 16:00 on Friday, race 1 at 14:10 on Saturday and R2 at 9:40 on Sunday. All NKHTGT info can be found on the website:

Race report Spa Summer Classic

Thanks to the British CSCC drivers and a burst of sunshine, a mainly dry track greeted us for qualifying. Fireworks were to be expected from the two GT40’s and the two Corvette Grand Sports, and indeed it was Kaj Dahlbacka who took the pole in the white Corvette. However, Andy Newall was only 0.1 of a second behind in the E-type Jaguar. Michiel Campagne set the third fastest time in the blue Corvette, with David Pittard fourth in the first of the Lotus Elans. Next up were the GT40’s of Kennet Persson and Armand Adriaans, but they were split by Roelant de Waard in the Shelby GT350. Alexander Schlüchter (Lotus Elan), Oliver Douglas (Cobra Daytona) and Jos Stevens (Lotus Elan) rounded out the top 10. Carlo Hamilton, Bart-Jan Deenik and Martin Bijleveld were fastest of the touring cars in their Ford Falcons and qualified in positions 11-13. First in GTS11 was Thijs van Gammeren in the Porsche 911, while Peter Störhmann set an impressive 3:13 laptime in his 1,2 litre Lotus Elite. First of the Mini’s was the father and son team of René and Thijmen de Vries while Ralf Wagner was quickest in CT08 in the Lotus Cortina.

Race 1: Sweden rules again!

The Corvette Grand Sports proved superior to the GT40’s in Saturday’s NKHTGT race. Kaj Dahlbacka and Michiel Campagne dominated the first race at Spa, with the Swede taking the win. Alexander Schlüchter took the fight to the GT40’s in his Lotus Elan, but in the end had to let them go. Kennet Persson claimed the final podium spot after fighting off a challenge from Armand Adriaans, who finished fourth. Schlüchter took fifth and first in GTS10, from Bob and Jos Stevens. An off-track excursion by Fleming Andersen resulted in a safetycar period. When things went underway again we were in for an exciting four lap sprint to the finish. Carlo Hamilton and Martin Bijleveld treated the spectators to a great show, swapping positions while fighting for the win in CT10 in their Ford Falcons, Hamilton coming out on top. Christoph Germain was the winner in GTS12 in his Jaguar E-type, beating the similar car of Rhea Sautter, while Thijs van Gammeren won GTS11 in the Porsche 911. Thijmen de Vries was first across the line in CT07, the Mini Cooper class, with Bert Mets classified second after a clean fight with Dante Rappange. In CT08 Robert Wagner fought off a challenge from Bert Du Toy van Hees and once again was king of the Lotus Cortinas.

Race 2: Five way battle

Sunday’s race was very exciting, with a five way battle for the lead. Early leader Dahlbacka was the first to leave the scene when he accidentally switched off the electrics. Michiel Campagne then took over at the front in the other Corvette Grand Sport, under constant attack from Andy Newall in the Jaguar E-type. David Pittard had started 13th in the Lotus Elan but posted some amazing laptimes and was soon harassing Kennet Persson in the GT40 for 3rd. A short safety car interlude closed things right up, and when both Campagne and Newall lost time on lap 6 it was all change at the front, Pittard now leading from Persson. Persson then pulled out the stops to set a series of 2:51 laps, which was enough to pass the Lotus and stay ahead until the flag. Alexander Schlüchter bravely succeeded in keeping his Lotus Elan ahead of Adriaans’ GT40 until lap 7, while Oliver Douglas (Cobra Daytona) moved up through the field to take second in GTS12, followed by Roelant de Waard (Shelby GT350). Theo van Gammeren won GTS11 after Erwin van Lieshout had to retire the other Porsche 911. Carlo Hamilton again came home first of the touring cars in his Ford Falcon. Martin Bijleveld was not close enough to challenge this time, losing time when he had to take avoiding action and stalled his engine in the first corner melee. He was in fact lucky to come home second in class, as Bart-Jan Deenik (in yet another Falcon) was rapidly closing on the last lap. Both drivers then outbraked themselves in the Bus Stop chicane, Bijleveld got away first and just managed to cross the line 0,1 of a second ahead. Dante Rappange took the Mini class with some spectacularly fast driving from René de Vries and Bert Mets, while Magnus Lillerskog won yet another trophy for Sweden by bringing his Lotus Cortina home first in CT08.

Results can be found here:

Championship standings:

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Race report Pinksterraces Zandvoort

A sunny Zandvoort welcomed the NKHTGT competitors for the traditional “Pinksterraces”. Kennet Persson posted a 2:01.5 lap in his Ford GT40 to take pole. Bob Stevens snatched second at the last moment in his Lotus Elan. Roelant de Waard qualified 3rd in his Shelby Mustang with Michiel Campagne 4th in his Corvette Grand Sport. The third row featured Jos Stevens (Lotus Elan) and Michiel van Duijvendijk (TVR Griffith). We were very happy to welcome yet more newcomers to the NKHTGT family: Ron Sanen with a Lotus Elan, Per Roxlin with an MG Midget, Robert Ingram with a Lotus Elite and a well known Ford Falcon piloted by Henk and Bjorn Hees.


Race 1: meatball and oil

The racing part was somewhat shorter than anticipated, but Saturday afternoon’s race was entertaining nevertheless. Persson took the lead from Michiel Campagne with Bob Stevens in third. Things were hotting up when Frank Veenstra’s MGB deposited its oil on the racing line. It took a long safety car period to powder the track. Meanwhile Campagne reported in the pits after he was shown the meatball for excessive noise. With 15 minutes to go racing resumed. Bob Stevens managed to take the lead with a demon outbraking move, but Persson used the GT40’s power to repass on the straight and take the win. Roelant de Waard came 3rd and 1st in GTS12 in his Shelby Mustang. Martin Bijleveld won the touring car class in his Ford Falcon from the similarly mounted Bart-Jan Deenik and Henk van Gammeren. Bert Mets was on fire and won CT07 in his Mini Cooper, while Frank Wagner continued his Hockenheim form and again came first in CT08 in the Lotus Cortina. Theo van Gammeren won GTS11 in his Porsche 911. The most fun was had by Lars Bondesson (Lotus Elan), Jeroen Hoep (Jaguar E-type), Robert Ingram (Lotus Elite), Henk Hees (Ford Falcon) and Magnus Lillerskog (Lotus Cortina) who had a very entertaining scrap for 21st.

Race 2: Persson’s double

Kennet Persson made it two out of two on Sunday. Bob Stevens kept him honest and even led the race for several laps after Kennet missed a gear when his arm restraint tangled with the gearstick. With normal service resumed the Lotus Elan could not match the sheer speed of the GT40. Jos Stevens (Lotus Elan) took the third podium spot after successfully dealing with Michiel van Duijvendijk (TVR Griffith) and Roelant de Waard, whose Shelby Mustang lost some speed due to a misfire. Martin Bijleveld led the touring cars throughout but threw away the win after an outbraking attempt that was too ambitious. CT10 honours thus went to Bart-Jan Deenik, from Henk van Gammeren both in Ford Falcons. Thijmen de Vries (Cooper S) was the third touring car home and first in CT07 after a storming race. René Wagner was king of CT08 once again in his Lotus Cortina. GTS11 spoils went to Thijs van Gammeren in the Porsche, ahead of MGB-mounted Brian Lambert and Niek van Gils.

After four races, Bob Stevens leads the championship by six points over Bart-Jan Deenik. Anything is still possible as there are still 8 races to go. The next race on the NKHTGT programme is our traditional visit to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit for the Spa Summer Classic. Spa is a long circuit, which means that we can accommodate no less than 65 cars. We expect a record turnout and will do our utmost to try and reach the magic number of 65! Which is why we invite everyone with an FIA app. K compliant pre-’66 TC, GT or GTS (with valid HTP) for a weekend full of fun on one of the world’s best race tracks. The entry fee is only € 845 and there are two races of 30 minutes each, so two drivers can share a car. After Spa we will continue with races in Assen (5-7 August), Anderstorp (26-28 August) and finally Dijon (7-9 October). At this moment there are still limited places available for all these races. Mail to Egbert at if you want to join us, or call him at +316 262 16464.

Top 10 race 1:
1 Kennet Persson (Ford GT40) 15 laps
2 Bob Stevens (Lotus Elan) +0.6
3 Roelant de Waard (Shelby GT350) +17.5
4 Jos Stevens (Lotus Elan) +25.2
5 Michiel van Duijvendijk (TVR Griffith 200/400) +34.5
6 Michiel Campagne (Corvette Grand Sport) +39.4
7 Bengt-Åke Bengtsson (Lotus Elan) +44.2
8 Martin Bijleveld (Ford Falcon) +44.6
9 Frans van Maarschalkerwaart (Shelby GT350) +51.5
10 Bart-Jan Deenik (Ford Falcon) +52.6

Top 10 race 2:
1 Kennet Persson (Ford GT40) 20 laps
2 Bob Stevens (Lotus Elan) +0.7
4 Jos Stevens (Lotus Elan) +5.3
3 Roelant de Waard (Shelby GT350) +23.7
5 Michiel van Duijvendijk (TVR Griffith 200/400) +77.0
10 Bart-Jan Deenik (Ford Falcon) +120.4
7 Bengt-Åke Bengtsson (Lotus Elan) +130.2
8 Henk van Gammeren (Ford Falcon) 19 laps
9 Thijs van Gammeren (Porsche 911) 19 laps
10 Thijmen de Vries (Mini Cooper S) 19 laps

Full results are here:

Championship standings:

You can read all the paddock gossip in our online magazine:

Championship standings

For the first time in two years we are keeping track of the championship standings. They are of little importance,  apart from the fact that the winner receives a big trophy that he (or she) has to hand in after a year, but they are fun! After 2 races first place in the standings is shared by Alexander Schlüchter and Bob Stevens. Third place is again occupied by 2 men, Bart Deenik and Henk van Gammeren. The complete standings can be found HERE.

In a fortnight, the battle will continue at Zandvoort. The time schedule and entry list (as well as the time schedule for Spa) can be found on the drivers info page.