HP Tires LTD and Racetyres B.V. enter into a collaboration for NKHTGT

Racetyres BV, the supplier of racing tires for the Supercar Challenge and HP Tires, the supplier of Dunlop racing tyres, have entered into a partnership. From now on you can order your tires directly from Racetyres. Racetyres has all common sizes in stock and can deliver quickly. The tires can be settled in euros and no customs formalities are required.

Racetyres will also provide service on the track. This season the Racetyres men, led by Jan Paul van Dongen, will be present at the Zolder circuit at the event Supercar Madness and Jacky’s Racing Day, the new name of the event that we know as the Gamma Racing Days. You can have your tires fitted on the track or collected for free. Thanks to his years of experience, Jan Paul can also advise you on all band related matters, so have a chat at Zolder and take advantage of it!

The price list in euros can be found here: L-section, M-section. For orders you can contact Jan Paul by mail info@racetyres.nl or telephone +31(0)655503961.

Racetyres B.V. asks the drivers and teams to pass on the order in time so that the stock remains up to the mark. The order time for a race weekend is 8 working days because the Racetyres men are already on their way to the circuit on the Thursday before a race weekend.

Due to this collaboration and the absence of Masters Historic Racing and HP Tires at the HGP, the previous arrangement has been cancelled.

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