The Dutch historic championship for touring cars & GT’s, NK HTGT in short, was established in 1997. It caters for touring cars and GT’s built between 1947 and 1965. All competing cars are prepared according to FIA Appendix K. As a result all cars look period correct, making for an attractive spectacle. Tires are restricted, only Dunlop Racings are allowed. This means grip is at a premium, guaranteeing old fashioned sideways motoring in the corners. With 50 regular competitors and any number of guest drivers, the entry is often oversubscribed.

The NK HTGT is very popular with spectators because of the variety of competing cars, ranging from the huge Corvette Grand Sport to tiny Mini Coopers. In between you’ll see iconic sportscars like Lotus, Porsche, MG, Shelby, Austin Healey, Marcos, Morgan and Jaguar. On the saloon front there are loads of Ford Mustangs and Falcons, a Lotus Cortina and a couple of Mini’s.

The 2019 NK HTGT powered by Catawiki consists of 6 events, visiting 5 different circuits.

We still have a few full season packages available as well as single entries for Zandvoort (May 11-12), Spa (June 28-30), Assen (August 16-18) and Dijon (October 4-6), so anyone with a suitable car interested in racing with us, come and have a chat in the Paul Ricard or Zandvoort paddock. Check www.nkhtgt.nl for the latest information on the 2019 NK HTGT powered by Catawiki.

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PHONE:  + 31 6 26 21 64 64  /  EMAIL: info@nkhtgt.nl