It appears that the further away our races are, the better the entry is! No less than 45 cars are registered for the first two races of the 2018 Catawiki NK HTGT. Sharing the famous Imola GP circuit with the Masters, the touring cars and small GT’s will take to the track in the pre-’66 Touring Car race, while the NK GT racers will show the Gentlemen Drivers how it’s done! The touring car brigade consists of no less than six Ford Falcons, two Mustangs, four Lotus Cortinas, three Minis, a Volvo Amazon and a Jaguar Mk. 2. The small GT’s range from really small, two Ginetta G4’s, via Porsche 356 and MGB’s to 2-litre Porsche 911’s. The Marcos 1800’s have been transferred to the GTP class and will therefore compete in the GT race. They will take on the Apal-Porsche, Lotus Elans, Shelby Mustangs, Big Healeys, Iso’s, E-types and the Corvette Grand Sport. Check out the complete entry list HERE.