The Catawiki NK HTGT has over 30 registered regular competitors. There are no pro-drivers, we race purely for fun, not to win at all cost. Which is not to say we are not competitive, since everybody likes to go home with a trophy. There are even championship points at stake. Yes, you can become the official FIA Dutch NK HTGT champion. We cater for any pre-’66 Touring Car, Gran Turismo or GTP, as long as it is FIA compliant – from Frogeye to GT40, Abarth to Galaxie. Anyone racing with us will always find a couple of closely matched competitors, so you will definitely have fun on track. You will also have fun off track, as you will find we are a closely knit bunch always prepared to help one another, since we want everyone to make it to the grid.

More cars means more fun, and we want to have more fun, which is why we invite YOU to join us. Do you have a FIA compliant pre-’66 TC, GT or GTP? Then come and race with us! There are entries available for Zandvoort (May 11-12) Spa (June 28-30), Assen (August 17-18), Dijon (October 5-6) and maybe even for the Historic GP on September 6-8. We offer the most competitive entry fees in Europe, thanks to our friendly sponsors Catawiki, Gamma and Nolte – and because we are a not-for-profit organization: just € 795 per race plus a yearly € 40 membership fee. We have two races at each event, so you can share the car with a co-driver. Just fill in the entry form HERE mail it to and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Need help running your car? Not a problem, we have several outfits that attend all our races and can help you get on track! Just contact us, also if you have any questions: