No, we do not mean your distributor (but do check it before qualifying)! We are talking about the championship standings in the 2018 Catawiki NK HTGT. We are over half way through our points scoring races and so far, three drivers have scored maxium points in all four races, winning their class each and every time. They are Brian Lambert (Ginetta G4), Bob Stevens (Lotus Elan) and Mark Dols (Marcos 1800). So they share top position in the standings, right? Well, not quite, because we have a bonus points system which rewards 0,2 extra points for every competitor in your class. The more competitors you beat in your class, the more bonus points you gain. And that means it’s Mark Dols, our reiging champion, who leads the standings on 83,8 points, with Bob Stevens on 83,2 and Brian Lambert on 83.

Yes it really is that close! So going into this weekend’s Historic Grand Prix you will see Brian Lambert compete on the saturday in the pre-’66 TC race, trying very hard to stay ahead of arch rival Nigel Winchester, while Dols and Stevens will race on sunday in the Gentlemen Drivers race!

Check the full standings HERE

HGP timeschedule is HERE