It is that time of the year again! On June 22-24 the Catawiki NK HTGT will be racing at the world’s best track, Spa-Francorchamps. And the great news is: you can join us! That is, if you have an FIA appendix K car from period E or F with an HTP  and are prepared to take to the track on the compulsory Dunlop Racings (for that extra bit of excitement through Eau Rouge). No HTP? Read on! We also welcome any guest drivers with period E and F cars and maybe even early period G cars as long as they are fitting the app K spirit. Just ask us! If we like you and your car, we’ll put you in our invitation class. We will have a 30 minute qualifying session on Friday and two 30-minute races, one on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday. Two-driver crews are allowed. The entry fee is just € 795 and we offer you great racing and courteous track manners as well as paddock comradery – and you’ll probably win a trophy as well. Only in the Catawiki NK HTGT, the most international historic racing series in Europe!

Interested? Please apply through this link and we will get back to you ASAP.

Check out the timeschedule HERE, the Spa Summer Classic website is HERE.