We are happy to invite you to the Catawiki NK HTGT 2018 prize giving party, which will take place on Saturday 26 JANUARY 2019 in HOTEL HOUTEN, Hoofdveste 25, 3992 DH Houten, Netherlands (www.hotelhouten.nl). From 17:30 CET you will be welcomed with an aperitif, the prize giving ceremony will start from 18:30 CET after which a delicious French buffet will be served. All ‘fluids’ are included, the ‘checkered flag’ will drop at approx. 22:30 CET. Admittance is free for all 2018 NK HTGT competitors. For all other guests admission is € 30, buffet and drinks included.
Please let us know if you will join the celebrations and how many guests you’ll bring by e-mailing us NOW. If you want to book a room in Hotel Houten, you can use the special NK HTGT arrangement!
Apart from honouring our class winners and overall champion there will be a number of special prizes. One of these is the Michel Oprey Trophy for the most consistent driver of the year.
The traditional NK HTGT JAARBOEK 2018 will be presented by Carlo Senten, Henry Soenarko and Jan-Bart Broertjes at the prize giving ceremony. You can order your copy at Senten Images. Your order can be collected at the prizegiving party, if you want to receive the NK HTGT Jaarboek 2018 at your  home address, please state that in your mail. Senten-Images will send you an invoice including shipping costs.
We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you at our party!